Studio EK7 is a syndicate of young minds dedicated to architectural, landscaping and master planning practice with a reputation for challenging convention and pursuing design excellence. Since our humble beginning in 2014, we’ve worked on multiple projects covering a wide range of sectors across India and have achieved consents of many peers and realized intriguing designs. Our work is inspired by a singular motivation: All fine architectural values are human values, else not valuable. Thus, Designing towards Togetherness.

Architecture is not all about the design of the building and nothing else, it is also about the cultural setting and the ambiance, the whole affair. We know that we will only create a better kind of architecture by being a better kind of practice.

That’s why every member at Studio EK7 is visionary and creative ensuring we design, develop and deliver the best ingenious assignment and share a united sense of purpose and commitment. In collaboration with an extensive network of experts from many fields and disciplines, we are able to offer an exceptional body of knowledge and expertise that embraces every aspect of a habitat design, construction and performance.

Studio EK7 offers the best of solutions to help you procure the freshness. We are equipped with the best of landscape developer at Patna as we help in creating unique park, lawn & nursery, etc at your premises. The garden landscaping options  offers are stylish and just according to your requirements. Our in-house landscape architects will help you select the best and the most suited landscaping elements to enhance the natural feel around you.

We refuse to be restricted by a singular style or a box-ticking methodology. Instead, each assignment is the result of a meticulous, in-depth design process that involves listening to our clients, understanding their needs and aspirations and producing bespoke, design-led solutions.

Studio EK7’s stands for Ethos & Knowledge focused on ‘The Seven Lamps of Architecture’

Studio EK7 – Our design is the will of an epoch translated into space connecting People, Environment, Patron, Ambition, and Legacy.